Friday, July 31, 2009

Wear Empire Waist Styles without Looking Pregnant

Empire waist clothes have been in style for a while and I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon. It’s very cute and comfortable, but let’s be honest here ladies—even the most fit and slender person can look prego in this style. Because of the elevated placement of the waistline, if the fabric beneath that waistline doesn’t skim the body, you end up looking like you might be expecting.

Here are some tips to avoid the pregnant empire waistline look:

1. Look for styles made of drapey fabric, such as a buttery cotton jersey or silk charmeuse. Loose, flowy fabrics drape better and skim the body in all the right spots without clinging or adding extra weight under the bust.

2. Make sure the tightest part of the top cinches just below your bustline, where your rib cage is the smallest. A too-high waist can make your breasts look squished, and a too-low waist can give the illusion of droopiness in all the wrong places.

3. If you’ve fallen in love with a blousy empire waist top or dress, you can try wearing a belt to reign in the extra fabric.

4. An empire waist usually looks better with darker shades, since they tend to be more slimming.

5. Long sleeves or ¾ sleeves makes an empire waist dress/shirt look more flattering. If there is no fabric on your arms, that means most of the fabric is around your belly which is what gives you the pregnant look. Try layering a thin fitted ¾ sleeve shirt underneath the sleeveless empire waist shirt.

6. Wear form-fitting bottoms to balance the loose fit on top and to show your figure a bit. Either fitted jeans or a pencil skirt are the best.

7. Balance is key when it comes to dresses. A hemline that falls mid-knee to two inches below your knee shows just the right amount of leg, so you avoid looking top heavy or lost in a sea of billowy fabric.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Jeans

It's always so tough to find jeans that you really like because different jeans look better on different body types. You really never know what is going to look good on you, so I polled my friends for you to see what they are wearing.

Body type: petite, small hips, small butt, high waist
Fav jeans: Rock & Republic. The reason why I like them is because they make my small butt look bigger and perky. They are very durable and last a long time. When I buy them, I make sure that they are very snug- then they stretch to my perfect body type. I owned a pair of True Religion Jeans, but their waist was too low for me, I ended up giving them to Natanya. Rock & Republic's waist is a little higher than True Religion, but not too high. If you are getting these jeans, they always run small- so make sure to try them on.

Body type: petite / fit
Fav jeans: Citizens of Humanity dark wash boot cut. They fit perfectly, make the booty look high and tight which is what every girl wants and are super comfortable due to just the right amount of stretch.

Body type: petite / slender
Fav jeans: Bebe or Guess Jeans. It's been a while since I purchased a new pair. These days all I mainly wear are suits. The last pair I purchased was Bebe. Although, had to alter them. The last pair that I purchased that fit just right were Guess (bought a few years ago). I still get complements on them. No alterations required! Reasonably priced.

Body type: slender with wide hips
Fav jeans: Rock & Republic. After wearing all 7s for yrs I realized that these are a much better fit. I am such a creature of habit so I usually stick with the same brand. I still like 7s but I'm I think I'll switch it up in the future. Although true religion doesn't fit me at all even though I wish they did.

Body type: I have a "full bottomed" figure, not quite pear
Fav Jeans: I love Lucky Brand jeans, they make my butt look smaller and they're always so cute.

Body type: petite, but I gain weight it my butt
Fav Jeans: AG & Joe's Jeans. My favorite jeans in the world were AG, but now they're torn to shreds. I bought another similar pair and I hate them. Same thing happened with Joe's jeans - I bought one pair and it was awesome, I bought another, and it sucked. I like jeans generally because they are wide fitting in the waist, but are tight around my butt and thighs, making them look sexy, but still being relatively comfortable (I hate jeans that pinch my love handle fat)

Body type: My body type is muscular, small waist, small muscular thighs
Fav jeans: True Religion. They are extremely durable, are big enough to cover my butt even when the waist is small, and the pockets lie right on my butt which emphasizes the round shape of my butt without making it appear too big. They are expensive but if you buy them during the end of season sales or during the anniversary sale you can save 50-100$, and if you go to stores such as Loehmann's you can find them for a 4th their price! and even some TJMAXX carry them.

Body Type: Petite
Fav jeans: Citizens of Humanity. I love them because are really comfortable to wear during the day, but also great for going out. I also really like them because they fit great and make my butt look good. They are durable and can be work a multiple times without having to wash them. My only complaint is that I always need to get them shortened!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

McDonald's isn't all that bad

Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone

150 Calories

3.5 Grams of Fat

** visit: for full nutritional information

What's not to like about that?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best and Worst of Panera Bread

I like Panera, but yikes some of this calorie information is very startling.

WORST CHOICES (based on calorie info):

Italian Combo Sandwich (Roast beef, smoked turkey, ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pepperoncini, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, special sauce, ciabatta) : 1,110 Calories

Sierra Turkey Sandwich (Smoked turkey breast with smoky chipotle mayonnaise, field greens, red onions, Asiago Cheese focaccia): 950 Calories

Frontega Chicken™ Panini (Smoked, pulled white meat chicken, red onions, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, chopped basil and chipotle mayonnaise, grilled hot on rosemary & onion focaccia): 890 Calories

Pepperblue Steak® Sandwich (Tender, slow-roasted steak filets, bold gorgonzola roasted red pepper sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions, Ciabatta bread): 850 Calories

Smokehouse Turkey® Panini on Asiago Focaccia (Smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar and a sun-dried tomato ale mustard): 840 Calories

Turkey Artichoke Panini (Smoked turkey, spinach artichoke spread, Asiago-Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions, grilled hot, Basil Pesto focaccia.): 840 Calories


California Mission Chicken Salad (Citrus-herb chicken, field greens, romaine, roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers, sunflower seeds, Mission fig balsamic vinaigrette): 350 Calories

Strawberry Poppyseed & Chicken Salad (Citrus-herb chicken, crisp romaine lettuce, fresh strawberries, blueberries, pineapple tidbits, Mandarin oranges, pecans, sugar-free Poppyseed dressing): 320 Calories

Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich on Sourdough (Smoked turkey breast, leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onions with mayonnaise, spicy mustard, salt and pepper): 430 Calories

Asian Sesame Chicken Salad (Grilled chicken tossed with romaine lettuce, fresh cilantro, sliced almonds, sesame seeds, crispy wonton strips and reduced-sugar Asian sesame vinaigrette): 430 Calories

Here is the source of my information, where you can check out the nutritional information for most of Panera's items:

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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Stilettos Hurt My Feet

While at business school, I met a classmate that is starting a company called Fit in Clouds. They make small shoes (like ballerina slippers) that fold in half and fit in a small pouch in your purse. The purpose of these shoes are to carry around in the smallest of purses, and put them on when your stilettos start hurting your feet. I thought to myself. What a genius idea, why didn't anyone else think of it?

First thing I would like to say is that these shoes are very cool. They are like ballerina shoes with grippers on the bottom and they come in couple of colors. Second thing, they are very comfortable and can fit into the smallest purse. I ended up buying pairs for all my sisters and they are now obsessed too. Thirdly, they are very economical. One pair costs $19. You can buy them on their site AND there is free shipping.

I talked to my classmate and they said that anyone who reads my Blog can get a 10% discount on the shoes by entering the code SHOES09 at the checkout, which will bring the price to under $17 including shipping & handling!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Beauty Tips from my Grandmother

At 89, what does Grandma recommend? Moisturize and exercise. Check out what she says on the video.

At Dunkin' Donuts just go for the Donut

There is all this hype about how bad donuts are for you. Every time I stop at DD for breakfast, I always go for a multi-grain bagel & lite cream cheese thinking that is the "smart" choice. Sometimes I go for the Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin. What I didn't realize was that I might as well be getting a donut! Ok, yea there is no nutritional value to a donut, but really what does a bagel or a muffin have anyways?? Check this out.

Plain Bagel: 330 Calories
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese: 100 Calories
Total: 430 Calories

Multi-grain Bagel: 400 Calories
Reduced Fat Cream Cheese: 100 Calories
Total: 500 Calories

Reduced Ft Blueberry Muffin: 450 Calories

Chocolate Glazed Cake Donut: 280 Calories

Glazed Donut: 220 Calories

Egg and Cheese on a Bagel: 480 Calories

For more nutritional information on other DD foods visit

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just grow them out.

Highlights look great on just about everyone. But what's not great about them, is that they are expensive, they kill your hair, and they require constant maintenance to look good. Personally, I am trying to grow out my highlights. I am just sick of them. Here are some tips on how to blend in highlights as they grow out that I have found work pretty well.

1) Dye Over the Highlights
This is the best way to go. Chose a dye color that's as close as possible to your natural hair color since you are growing it out. If you opt for a color that's too dark or too light, your hair is going to look very unconfirmed as it all starts to grow out and you will have to deal with the same problem all over again. This is the first thing that you will want to do if you really want to make sure that your highlights do not stand out so much as your natural hair color grows back in.

2) Get a Haircut
Since you will not be touching up your highlights anymore, the highlight color will start to fade and will no longer look as vibrant. Getting a haircut is one of the best ways to blend the highlights into your hair as they grow out. Also, higlighting is quite damaging to your hair, and your hair will look a lot healthier by ridding those dead ends. A hairstyle that is short with choppy layers is ideal for blending highlights in as they grow out.

3) Consider the style
Avoid straight hair styles and slicked back or ponytails because they will only highlight your roots. Stick with hair with wave or curl.

4) Use Hair Accessories
Hair accessories are one of the best ways to blend highlights in as your hair begins to grow out. This is especially true when the highlights have been grown about two to three inches out. Put half of your hair up and leave the rest down, or wear a wide headband that will cover the area between the roots of your hair and the highlighted area. This is one of the best ways to hide highlights as they grow out, so be sure to use hair accessories to your advantage.

5) Take Vitamins
Vitamins will make your hair grow faster. Enough said.

The process of growing out highlights can be very annoying, especially when they stand out. But in the end, you will be happy you did it. Your hair will be healthier, smoother, and you will have more money to spend on better things !

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Sunless Tanning

Omega 3: The Good Fat

Omega 3 fatty acids offer a wide range of health benefits and should be part of our daily diet. My littlest sister, Natanya, filled me in on this after taking a nutrition class in college. Natanya is usually right about most things dealing with nutrition, so I immediately went out and bought a bottle from the local drugstore. My other sister, Brittany, who is currently in medical school, noticed me taking omega 3 pills and laughed at me! She told me it was ridiculous to take fish oil (Omega 3) pills at the ripe age of 27, because they are primarily to keep your brain sharp and prevent Alzheimer’s. I immediately thought it was time to investigate. Brittany, this entry is dedicated to you.

Here is what I found:

There are various sources of omega 3 fatty acids, where the most well known are fish oil and flaxseed oil.

Omega 3 fish oil is probably the most beneficial source of omega 3 fatty acids. It can be found in cold water fish, like mackerel, tuna, salmon and herring, but is also available in form of pills. The advantage of omega-3 nutritional supplements is that most of the contaminants (such as PCB and metals) are removed during the purification process. Also, when you buy omega 3 nutritional supplements, make sure they contain antioxidants. They will keep your supplements fresh and help to eliminate the incidences of fish burps.

Health Benefits from omega 3 fish oils:

* They can help to increase your energy level.
* Might prevent certain types of cancer
* Improve your sleep
* Reduce inflammation
* Improve muscle recovery from trauma
* Help with arthritis.
* Can improve constipation.
* Provide lubrication to the skin, arteries, veins and intestinal tract.
* Help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
* Help to improve concentration
* Benefit for diseases like: Alzheimer’s, depression and many other cognitively impaired situations.
* Reduces high blood pressure and lowers cholesterol.
* Might improve the healing capability for various health problems.

So, this is quite an impressive list of health benefits, but you should also be aware that omega 3 fish oil isn't a "miracle drug" that helps you to get rid of all kinds of health benefits in an instant. It's more of a preventative measure for a healthy life and future. With a long list like this, it would be silly not to take them.

Where to buy them? I buy mine at the local drug store in the vitamin isle.

Here is the source where I found this information: . However, I visited a couple other websites with concurrent information.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Foundation Forum

The mascara blog was a big hit! I have been getting many requests to discuss other products. I’ll keep polling my friends until they get tired of it! Foundation is the topic for today. I am a HUGE fan of Bare Escentuals. However, here are a few other opinions:

Sue Devitt
1) Name of the Foundation you use, and where do you buy it? I use Sue Devitt foundation, its only sold at Barney's

2) How long have you used it? I've used it for about a year

3) What do you like about it? Its made out of 70% seaweed so its really natural which I love, and I used to HATE foundation but this feels really light and natural

4) If there is one thing you could improve about it, what would that be? I pretty much have no complaints about it, other than the fact that it runs when I sweat but that's true of every foundation

5) Any trials with other foundations? What went wrong? Other foundations felt really heavy on my skin and I hated that when you looked up close you could see the flaky look of them, with this one you really can't tell that I have it on

6) Would you recommend this foundation to others? I would totally recommend this foundation to others

Prescriptives mineral powder
1) Name of the Foundation you use, and where do you buy it? Prescriptives mineral powder - unlike the popular bare escentuals this comes in many colors to match my unique skin tone. I actually wear a different color in the winter and the summer as my skin tone changes seasonally. It makes you looks smooth and evens out the complexion without making you look cakey or greasy. I buy mine at Macy's or Bloomingdales - most department stores or Sephora's carry it.

2) How long have you used it? About 9 mos.

3) What do you like about it? see above

4) If there is one thing you could improve about it, what would that be? Finding a good brush is a challenge - mineral powders need to be buffed into the skin with a powder/blush brush. You can layer it on for more coverage when you need to. My skin in sensitive, and i hate when the little brush hairs come off and stick to your face (an issue with cheap brushes)! The best brush i have found is at sephora - their top of the line silver handled ones with natural fibers (it costs over $50 so be prepared, but it lasts forever). I've had mine for almost a year already! (you do need to wash it out about once a month).

5) Any trials with other foundations? What went wrong? I use to use Mac Studio Stick - that's a stick/solid foundation. It's good, but a bit heavy on the coverage. Probably more coverage than most would want. Like any other foundation I've tried, by the end of the day it greases over - not so attractive! I like the mineral powders for the clean, fresh, natural look.

6) Would you recommend this foundation to others? Prescriptive Minerals - YES! In fact my friend recommended it to me one night. She showed up at dinner, and said to me "look at my skin, isn't it so smooth looking". She then told me she had been shopping and stopped by the Prescriptives counter where they put this on her, and she fell in love immediately. Now you will too

Mac Mineralize Satinfinish
1) Name of the Foundation you use, and where do you buy it? Mac Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation, Mac counter

2) How long have you used it? 3 years

3) What do you like about it? Minerals give your skin an all over dewy glow

4) If there is one thing you could improve about it, what would that be? Nothing, Love it!

5) Would you recommend this foundation to others? Absolutely!

Chanel powder
1) Name of the Foundation you use, and where do you buy it? Chanel. It is a powder foundation, I am not sure of the exact name. You can get it at Nordstroms, Neimans, Bloomingdales, etc. I also use a Clinique liquid (like in a skinny tube) for just on the spot stuff. I actually asked Chanel for theirs and they told me that I should get the Clinique kind because they thought it was better at covering little spots, and less expensive.

2) How long have you used it? 5 yrs

3) What do you like about it? It is very light but also provides good coverage.

4) If there is one thing you could improve about it, what would that be? Nothing!

5) Any trials with other foundations? What went wrong? I used to use a MAC powder foundation and I thought it looked too heavy, like you could see it on my face.

6) Would you recommend this foundation to others? Yes! But it is expensive.

1) Name of the Foundation you use, and where do you buy it? I use Bare Escentuals powder foundation. I have the bareMinerals Starter Kit. It's only $60 and it gives you two shades of foundation so you can adjust for when you get a tan or mix them if the shades don’t match your skin exactly. It also comes with bronzer and the brushes. I usually buy it from Amazon online.

2) How long have you used it? About 4+ years

3) What do you like about it? I break out very easily – what I like about it is that is provides good coverage without clogging your pores. It never runs when you sweat, and it also has SPF.

4) If there is one thing you could improve about it, what would that be? Nothing, at first I was hesitant that a powder or “mineral” makeup wouldn’t provide enough coverage. It isn’t as heavy as a liquid, so it takes some time to get used to your skin feeling so naked.

5) Any trials with other foundations? What went wrong? Before Bare Escentuals, I used Chanel. It was too heavy and caused me to breakout.

6) Would you recommend this foundation to others? Yes, I love Bare Escentuals. I have gotten the starter kit for all of my sisters as gifts and they love it too.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Most Embarrassing Beauty Secrets Revealed

Here you have it... I have polled my friends for their most embarrassing beauty secrets. They are anonymous this time :)

"If I am feeling bloated I take a hot bath, for like 30- 60 minutes (usually depends on how into my book at the time!). It makes you lose like 1 lb of water weight. It is obviously not any real weight, but definitely helps make you feel less bloated on those yucky days!"

"I literally believe grapefruit is the miracle fruit- it heals all - everyone knows the grapefruit diet - which btw totally works - but my beauty secret is that when I am breaking out I eat grapefruit like crazy and that does the trick! Maybe even up to 2 a day.. as a bonus with all that fiber not only will your skin look great but you might lose weight in the process."

"Before I have a date I slather myself in Bliss FatGirl Slim. I think it works miracles! It makes my tummy feel smoother and smells nice and peperminty."

"I just got a ped egg. What a great invention. I can sit scraping away all the cracks and rough spots on my feet and it collects in a little holder so I don't have to worry about making a mess. When you empty the little egg out it's pretty satisfying to see all the grossness you've just eliminated from your feet. "

"I have two although one may not be that embarrassing:
1) I do pushups and tricep dips in my bedroom immediately before wearing anything sleeveless (dresses, going out shirts, etc.) to make my muscles look more toned. Have been doing that since Brandeis!
2) I mix very dark liquid foundation (just a small drop) with my face moisturizer to make me look tan. This can be done with legs and arms too."

"Taking omega 3 pills makes me feel skinnier, I use good bye cellulite by nivea even though it probably doesn't work, I use sally hansens cream for my mustache, and I think shaving with conditioner makes you legs smoother."

"If you can stand a little pain - I like the epilator at CVS. It's an electric device with a bunch of tweezers to get rid of hair in any unwanted places. It needs to be charged once in a blue moon. There's no mess compared to waxing and it costs only $30 or so. Also you can get rid of hairs that are much shorter (who wants to go weeks without shaving for a wax) and you do it yourself so no need for some woman to be that close to your crotch. Since it's a little painful (you can feel it pulling out your hair)- you may opt to using it strictly for touchups between waxing sessions. I think shaving is so outdated. No one wants to rub up against stubbly legs, underarms or bikinis."

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Snacking

Before you splurge you might want to take a look at this...

Starbucks Mint Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino® blended creme with Chocolate Whipped Cream, 16 oz: 400 calories
Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Bean Coolatta, 16oz: 440 calories
Funnel Cake, 5oz: 500 calories
Soft serve, regular, ice cream, 4oz: 200 calories

Kettle Corn, 4 cups: 300 calories
Soft serve, light, ice cream, 4oz: 100 calories
Snow cone, 7oz: 30 calories
Lemonade, 16oz: 200 calories
Sugar free lemonade, 16oz: 10 calories

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do body firming lotions work?

The best way to obtain and keep a firm body is through regular exercise. If you can’t hit the gym, body-firming lotions are a great alternative, and when used simultaneously with working out the benefits can be great. These creams can stop the signs of aging because wrinkles aren’t the only way people can tell your real age. It’s the loss of firmness on legs, arms and facial skin. Here are some great tips and information on body-firming creams.

What are the magic ingredients?

As you get older your skin loses its natural ingredients to remain youthful, such as Collagen, Coenzymes and Copper. These ingredients can be found in body-firming lotions at drugstores for under $10. There are also many department store brands that have secret ingredients to firm your body with lotion. It’s just a matter of preference.

Some great firming products for under $10…

Nivea Body Skin Firming Lotion with Q10, plus Biotin
This is a great body firmer because it works with the body’s natural Coenzymes and Biotin – why your skin sagged in the first place. You can’t beat a lotion that works naturally with your body to produce firmer skin. You’ll see a difference in just two weeks.

Neutrogena Visibly Firm Body Lotion with Active Copper
Your skin naturally loses copper as you age. Well, this product puts it back and makes your skin look toned. It’s proven to firm and tone your skin in two weeks, so you’ll look as if you’ve been working out like crazy, even if you haven’t.

University Medical BodyLift Firming Body Lotion
This is a great product because it’s a 2 in 1, which has Retinol-A and Vitamin A to give your body a lift and Collagen 5. Before heading to the plastic surgeon for some Collagen implants, pick up a bottle of University Medical Bodylift.

Jergens Skin Firming Moisturizer
This product enhances the elasticity that your skin loses over time and also helps to diminish cellulite after eight weeks, which is a bonus. Even thin women can get the curse of cellulite and this takes care of that while it tones.

Palmer’s Skin Firming Lotion, Cocoa Butter Formula
This product has Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter with firming ingredients such as Collagen and Elastin. It also has Ginseng and Vitamin E to make skin extra beautiful. Your skin will see firmness in six weeks.

It only takes a few lifestyle changes and a little bit of pocket change to make a more beautiful you. These inexpensive body-firming creams are a great alternative and are truly something anyone can afford. With tighter and more toned skin, you’ll be feeling confident in and out of your clothes. Now you can love the skin that you’re in and enjoy a night on the town or a day at the beach.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's your mascara?

Since I have started this blog I have been besieged with questions. The most popular question being about mascara. I have a personal favorite that I recommend to people, however not everyone I recommend it to is happy with it. So today the topic is mascara, and I have polled some close friends and family members on their personal favorites. Keep in mind: these are real people. They are not working for any of these companies or receiving any monetary reward for promoting these products.

Lancome Definicils & L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
I've been using Lancome Definicils ($24.00) for the past 6 years. It's great, stays on, really elongates lashes without making them too thick. I think this is perfect for a day look. I used to be a Chanel girl- but find that their mascaras really thicken the eyelashes- making it ver apparent that I had put on a lot of eye makeup. (I like to appear "fresh faced" with miniymal makeup to my coworkers.) My other favorite is L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara(the one that Penelope Cruz models for- $9.49). I find that mascaras really have a shelf life of only 1-2 months (once opened) before they start getting clumpy. I never finish the bottle- so sometimes opt for this cheaper mascara which makes eyelashes equally long and well defined.

Here is the link to check it out: Lancome DEFINICILS High Definition Black Mascara

MAC Zoom Lash
I've been using MAC Zoom Lash mascara for a couple of years. I went on a mission about a year ago to find the best mascara available. I tried Big Sexy Lash, Bare Escentuals. Tease, Dior Show along with some drug store brands...L’Oreal and Maybelline. I have to say that the MAC beat out the competition with Dior Show in a close second. The MAC Zoom Lash is very wet so it is not for everyone, but once you perfect how to apply it, it's great! It does not smudge or flake off. Your lashes look thicker, longer, and darker and they stay that way until you take it off. The Dior show was also good giving long thick lashes, but the mascara was drier than the MAC and therefore did not last as long and required more coats to reach the desired look. The brush is also bigger which makes it a little harder to get right in there and coat each little lash. Plus, at approx $24 it's almost twice the price of the MAC. For $13 MAC Zoom Lash is my favorite!

MaryKay Mascara

I’m so glad you are doing this because I haven't found a mascara that I love. Currently, I use a MaryKay mascara, but it's REALLY sticky, clumpy and it makes my eyes itch the next day. It does thicken my lashes, but I’m in desperate need of a new mascara. Help!

Lancome Definicils

I stick with Lancome Definicils, I have for years. I truly find that it gives you fresher, smoother, longer lashes.

Here is the link to check it out: Lancome DEFINICILS High Definition Black Mascara

Chanel Inmitable & Maybelline Colossal Volume Express

My favorite is Chanel Inmitable. It doesn’t clump or dry out, and you only need 1 coat. I also use Maybelline Colossal Volume Express because it is cheap, like $7, and works well for the price. I use that when I don’t want to waste the Chanel. I use the cheap one on regular days and Chanel when I am going out.

Here is the link to check it out: CHANEL Inimitable Mascara

Lancome Oscillator

I just got it recently and I LOVE IT. It vibrates, battery operated, great for lengthening eye lashes - not for curl (I don’t need my eye lashes to curl). It shows great separation, I hate when my lashes clump together and this definitely prevents that and shows great definition. It didn’t appear to smudge when I went to the gym – it’s water resistant, washes off easily but didn’t smudge all day.

What about me?
I have been using Fiberwig for about 3 years and I love it. It makes my lashes look long and it lasts all day. It actually has little fibers in it that make your eyelashes longer. I usually apply my mascara around 6:30am and I need it to last all day without smudging. I also go to the gym after work and leave my make up on. Fiberwig stays on the entire time. You can buy it at Amazon for less than $20. Prior to Fiberwig I used Dior Show for a very long time. I was very happy with Dior Show, however my one gripe was that my eyelashes would touch the top of my lid, and rub off leaving a black light smudge right under my brow bone. I would always have to check in the mirror and wipe off the smudging. Fiberwig does not do that.

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