Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slim Down Your Face in 3 Steps: Blush, Bronze, Shimmer

It seems impossible that models have the highest cheekbones in the world whenever we open magazines and the truth it is impossible, those perky cheeks are and illusion! The good news is that you can get those same cheeks yourself. It is all about contours. Don’t be afraid, it only takes a minute to get this face-slimming-magic on a goddess like you.

BLUSH: After you perfect your foundation, use a soft bristled, circular brush to apply blush to your cheekbones. When applying, move the brush in circles that go from your hairline to the apple of your cheek. Meanwhile, tilt your head side ways and make a kissing face, so you can see where your cheekbone is.

BRONZE: Then, apply bronzer to the bottom of your cheekbone, right where the shadow should hit in a dimly lit room. Still, use the kissy-tilted-face. This brush stroke should be linear, following the end line of the cheekbone, with small circle swirling the bronzer up the cheek slightly, merely to blend the two colors.

SHIMMER: Finally, add a highlighting shimmer to the top of your cheekbone to pronounce the highest part of your cheeks. For this step, instead of tilting your face to the side, keep it strait on. Cock your chin up slightly to allow yourself to see the natural high points of your cheeks, and use these high points as your guide.

Finally, with freshly clean hands, lightly move your fingers from the top of your cheeks in a circular motion then gradually move your circular motions down the cheek. This final step is to blend the three layers. If you want you can use a brush very lightly, just make sure that it blends, or even a tissue.

If you want to pronounce your eyebrow bones, use the same shimmer that was on your cheeks on the brow line and bring the brush all the way to your cheekbone in a heart shaped stroke. This will further highlight the pronounced parts of your face.

----by guest author: Cousin Lilly 

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