Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Diet Secret #2: Eat foods you love.

Everyone is hardwired with her own eating inclinations and aversions, from your love of Cheetos to loathing of raw broccoli. If you're trying to override your preferences and force yourself to eat things you don't like, at times that don't feel right to you, you're simply not going to last long on that diet.

"Many women make the mistake of jumping into a diet without taking into account their personal likes and dislikes," says Robert Kushner, M.D., medical director of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital's Wellness Institute in Chicago. You'll have a better shot at sticking to a weight-loss plan if you choose one that matches your eating habits as much as possible and customize it to your quirks (steam that prescribed raw broccoli).

TIP: Try to find a healthy substitute for your unhealthy craving. Frozen yogurt, instead of icecream. Baked cheetos, instead of regular.

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