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Jeans for RECTANGULAR Body Type

If you aren't sure if this is your body type, visit: Identify Your Body Type to find out. This is part of a series for finding the right jeans for your body type compliments of, which is the source of my information.

Finding the best fitting womens designer jeans for the straight / rectangular body type is not an impossible task. There are many options for you to work with. The right choices can help create a curvier appearance where you want it.

Your goal should be to create curves and attract attention to those parts of your body that need "spicing up". One of the most common questions that we get is, "what can I do to enhance a flat butt". Well, some of the tips on this page should set you on the right course. If you are short waisted, elongating the appearance of your torso should also be part of your goal.


  • Look for a relaxed flared fit that hugs and lifts your butt
  • A straight fit from the hip to the knees with a slight flare and the end should serve you well
  • Low rise jeans with a high back and low front are a good choice if you are short waisted
  • If you are well balanced or long waisted, a higher rise pair of womens designer jeans can help accentuate the curves on your hips. You may even venture to try on a tapered cut
  • A contoured waistband will help create curves
  • Strategically placed washes or embellishments in the back pocket areas will attract attention to your hips
  • Smaller or pointed back pockets spread far apart make your butt look fuller
  • Flaps in the back pockets can also be helpful, as they "add some bulk"
  • Lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs


  • By all means avoid a straight cut
  • Avoid baggies
  • Avoid cuts with excess material at the bottom, that's what womens designer jeans do best!
  • Don't hold back and use all the means at your disposal (washes, shades, embellishments)


  • Attract attention to your neck, use V lined tops below collarbone
  • Use necklaces, scarves or other accessories to attract even more attention upwards
  • Longer tailored and tapered jackets that hug the waist
  • Mix and match colors
  • Use shoulder pads
  • Avoid tightly fitted blouses
  • Avoid wide belts, especially contrasting colors
  • Use thin belts the color of your top, if you want to elongate your torso
  • Avoid bundling fabrics at waist
  • Try knitwear that can be belted
  • Bold prints add to the illusion of curvier shapes, either in tops or bottoms

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