Monday, July 27, 2009

My Stilettos Hurt My Feet

While at business school, I met a classmate that is starting a company called Fit in Clouds. They make small shoes (like ballerina slippers) that fold in half and fit in a small pouch in your purse. The purpose of these shoes are to carry around in the smallest of purses, and put them on when your stilettos start hurting your feet. I thought to myself. What a genius idea, why didn't anyone else think of it?

First thing I would like to say is that these shoes are very cool. They are like ballerina shoes with grippers on the bottom and they come in couple of colors. Second thing, they are very comfortable and can fit into the smallest purse. I ended up buying pairs for all my sisters and they are now obsessed too. Thirdly, they are very economical. One pair costs $19. You can buy them on their site AND there is free shipping.

I talked to my classmate and they said that anyone who reads my Blog can get a 10% discount on the shoes by entering the code SHOES09 at the checkout, which will bring the price to under $17 including shipping & handling!

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Unknown said...

I 'm Lucky !!

I have a black pair of these shoes and I absolutely love them!!!
I always use my Clouds after hours of wearing my killing heels. They give my feet such a relief. Now I always carry them with me in my purse wherever I go.

I'm waiting for my pink ones......

Anonymous said...

What a GOOD IDEA! perfect 4 after partys!

nhNaturopath said...

Wow, I might just end up wearing these 24/7!