Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeans for DIAMOND Body Type

If you aren't sure if this is your body type, visit: Identify Your Body Type to find out. This is part of a series for finding the right jeans for your body type compliments of, which is the source of my information.

Your goal is to elongate, while detracting attention from your waist and placing some emphasis on your bust and shoulders.

  • A boot cut fit with some stretch is your best bet, and is usually a staple cut of most womens designer jeans
  • Opt for a relaxed fit
  • Use dark denim and pair them with dark high heels and dark tops
  • Try to find a pair in which the outseam is brought further to the front (This gives the illusion of a thinner thighs)
  • Look for pockets that sit higher as they will make your legs appear to be longer
  • Look for larger pockets for they will make your butt appear smaller
  • Allow hem to reach the ground when wearing jeans with high heels
  • Same color on shoes, socks and jeans will make your legs look longer
  • If you are slightly short waisted, a slightly low rise cut will help make your torso look longer


  • Avoid tapered or ultra-tapered legs, as they call attention to the hips
  • Avoid capris, as they re-enforce the diamond shape
  • Avoid cuts that will rise above your natural waist
  • Avoid Small pockets as they may make your rear end look larger
  • Avoid washed out areas in rear and thighs
  • Avoid embellishments in rear pockets as they attract attention to that area
  • Find a fit that contours, not hugs your body
  • Avoid saggy or baggy cuts as well as excess fabric in the rear, this is what womens designer jeans do best
  • Remember, designer blue jeans are all about making your rear end look good!


  • Shoulder pads are a must
  • Attract attention to your neck with necklaces, scarves
  • Avoid thick belts (especially if you have no waist)
  • Tops should be fitted over the bust and spread over hip area
  • Never wear a jacket that ends at the butt

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