Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Jeans

It's always so tough to find jeans that you really like because different jeans look better on different body types. You really never know what is going to look good on you, so I polled my friends for you to see what they are wearing.

Body type: petite, small hips, small butt, high waist
Fav jeans: Rock & Republic. The reason why I like them is because they make my small butt look bigger and perky. They are very durable and last a long time. When I buy them, I make sure that they are very snug- then they stretch to my perfect body type. I owned a pair of True Religion Jeans, but their waist was too low for me, I ended up giving them to Natanya. Rock & Republic's waist is a little higher than True Religion, but not too high. If you are getting these jeans, they always run small- so make sure to try them on.

Body type: petite / fit
Fav jeans: Citizens of Humanity dark wash boot cut. They fit perfectly, make the booty look high and tight which is what every girl wants and are super comfortable due to just the right amount of stretch.

Body type: petite / slender
Fav jeans: Bebe or Guess Jeans. It's been a while since I purchased a new pair. These days all I mainly wear are suits. The last pair I purchased was Bebe. Although, had to alter them. The last pair that I purchased that fit just right were Guess (bought a few years ago). I still get complements on them. No alterations required! Reasonably priced.

Body type: slender with wide hips
Fav jeans: Rock & Republic. After wearing all 7s for yrs I realized that these are a much better fit. I am such a creature of habit so I usually stick with the same brand. I still like 7s but I'm I think I'll switch it up in the future. Although true religion doesn't fit me at all even though I wish they did.

Body type: I have a "full bottomed" figure, not quite pear
Fav Jeans: I love Lucky Brand jeans, they make my butt look smaller and they're always so cute.

Body type: petite, but I gain weight it my butt
Fav Jeans: AG & Joe's Jeans. My favorite jeans in the world were AG, but now they're torn to shreds. I bought another similar pair and I hate them. Same thing happened with Joe's jeans - I bought one pair and it was awesome, I bought another, and it sucked. I like jeans generally because they are wide fitting in the waist, but are tight around my butt and thighs, making them look sexy, but still being relatively comfortable (I hate jeans that pinch my love handle fat)

Body type: My body type is muscular, small waist, small muscular thighs
Fav jeans: True Religion. They are extremely durable, are big enough to cover my butt even when the waist is small, and the pockets lie right on my butt which emphasizes the round shape of my butt without making it appear too big. They are expensive but if you buy them during the end of season sales or during the anniversary sale you can save 50-100$, and if you go to stores such as Loehmann's you can find them for a 4th their price! and even some TJMAXX carry them.

Body Type: Petite
Fav jeans: Citizens of Humanity. I love them because are really comfortable to wear during the day, but also great for going out. I also really like them because they fit great and make my butt look good. They are durable and can be work a multiple times without having to wash them. My only complaint is that I always need to get them shortened!

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