Sunday, May 1, 2011

6 Tricks to Appear Thinner

Many women would like to look a few pounds lighter and with some clever dressing you can do just that. Some of the best ways to dress thinner include; wearing flattering fabrics, choosing the perfect fit in both clothing and lingerie, keeping the silhouette simple, dressing in monochrome and highlighting your smaller areas.

1) Wear shoes that elongate your legs

Everyone always looks slimmer in a heel. However, there are some that are even better than others. Try a simple nude or skin colored shoe. This gives the optical illusion that your leg is actually longer, because your skin blends in with the shoes. Try to avoid ankle strap shoes (unless it's nude) if you have short or thick legs. The ankle strap gives the illusion that your leg ends at the strap, thus making it appear shorter.

2) Wear fabrics that flatter

You can appear slimmer simply by choosing to wear flattering fabrics. The fabrics I am talking about are the ones that don't cling to your body, but drape nicely over it. Silks, softly structured fabrics like stretch denim, and wool blends can hide many small flaws. Lightweight knits can work well, but avoid heavy knits because they have a tendency to add bulk. Avoid flimsy fabrics, shiny fabrics and all Lycra fabrics. Lycra fabrics only tend to look good on very toned bodies, because they cling to every curve of the body.

3) Moisturize

It's amazing what moisturizing your skin can do. Not only does it prevent your skin from aging, it makes it smoother and tighter looking. There are many skin firming products on the market that actually work. I stick with Bliss' FatGirlSlim or basic cocoa butter lotion.

4) Get the fit right

This is an obvious one, but still needs to be addressed. Different brands run differently, and sometimes even different styles within the same brands do as well. Many women buy based on psychological size rather then buying what fits them. To look slim you need your clothes to fit nicely, you don't want them to cling and you don't want them to hang off you like a sack. You should be aiming for a nicely tailored look. If have real difficulty getting a good fit, buy the size up and have your clothes altered to fit perfectly.

5) Draw the eye to your smallest points

By highlighting your smallest points and playing down you fuller regions you can make yourself appear slimmer all over. This will vary from person to person, but most people are slimmest through the top of the ribcage, wrists and just below the knee. Having hems or details in these points can be effective.

6) Dress in monochrome

Those in the fashion world know that dressing in monochrome has a powerful impact on how slim you appear. Wearing black from head to toe has the most potent effect, but any color worn head to toe will make you look leaner then a mix of different colors on top and bottom. So if you want to wear light, or bright colors, consider wearing them consistently in the one line.

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