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Jeans for FULL ROUNDED Body Type

If you aren't sure if this is your body type, visit: Identify Your Body Type to find out. This is part of a series for finding the right jeans for your body type compliments of, which is the source of my information.

To take focus away from the hip, thigh and bottom area. Elongate, do not cut in half.


  • Boot-cut jeans give a long and lean look, which is flattering to most women
  • Darker color womens designer jeans
  • Look for pants that fit your waist and are relaxed in the hip and thigh areas without adding bulk
  • Look for jeans with the seam closer to front, this gives the impression of thinner thighs
  • Try medium to high rise, but stay at least one inch below your belly button
  • Wide waistbands can be very helpful in holding back your belly
  • Look for styles that contour, and soften your outline
  • Diagonal front pockets also have a slimming effect
  • Look for large loosely spaced pockets
  • Monochromatic dressing should add to the slimming effect


  • Pleats widen the look of hips and thighs, so avoid them
  • Avoid womens designer jeans that are tapered or ultra-tapered legs, as they call attention to the hips and thighs
  • I shouldn't have to even mention capris
  • Avoid saggy or baggy pants, especially in the rear end
  • Never use cuffs
  • Avoid jeans with small pockets.
  • Avoid jeans that are tight in the knees
  • Avoid distressed jeans with faded bottoms and thighs no matter how fashionable
  • Avoid styles that hug your body.
  • Don’t wear belts too tight
  • Avoid high waisted womens designer jeans, they will make your butt look huge
  • No "whiskers" in the front, they will make your hips look wider


  • Tops should emphasize long-line (Never wear a jacket that end at the butt)
  • No cropped tops
  • V necklines
  • Jackets should be slightly fitted, shaped
  • Handbags should be at hip level, preferably lower
  • Attract attention to your neck and bust
  • Avoid fitted tops and wide lapels
  • Avoid a contrasting hip line (different color belt)
  • Use narrow belts, same color as your top to elongate the torso,or same color as your pants, to elongate the lower body
  • Avoid wide collars and lapels
  • Use small scale patterns on tops, avoid animal and large prints
  • Avoid horizontal features, emphasize verticality
  • Use light accessories and details
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