Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Braids like Lauren Conrad

Although I am not the biggest fan of the Hills, I am a fan of LC's braiding techniques. It's a great hairdo for the frizzy hair weather in the Northeast. I like the braids because it hides the frizzies around my face and looks cool at the same time.

Here is how to do it:

1) Begin by taking a fairly small section, follow your nose up and grab about a centimeter and a half of hair. (half an inch, if you don't use centimeters)Divide it into three sections.

* The hard part to braiding your hair like this is knowing where to place your arms. Your left one should go up as if you were a ballerina, holding the section. While your right arm goes in front of you, as if you were a pirate saying 'arr'. It can be kind of uncomfortable, but this is how to make your braid continue to the side instead of being braiding forward.

2) Once you've brought the both of the outer sections inward, begin adding smaller sections in with the existing ones. These new sections should be really very tiny.

3) Continue, pulling the braid across your hairline.Once you've achieved about two to three inches of french braid, begin to braid normally (without picking up other sections).

4) Braid until the point where you want to pin it.Use a bobby pin to secure the braid. You may even want to use one of those tiny elastics to make sure the braid stays in place.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well trying to braid my hair at my desk is way more interesting than the project i should be working on.
What do you do with the un-braided side? Just let it hang.
Here's a tip for all you girls who work in cubicles, with your back to the hall. Get yourself a desk mirror. My boss thinks it so i can apply lip gloss all day, but it really helps me see whose approaching me from behind!