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If you aren't sure if this is your body type, visit: Identify Your Body Type to find out. This is part of a series for finding the right jeans for your body type compliments of, which is the source of my information.

You must divert attention from your shoulders and bust, and show off your narrow hips.

  • Boot-cut and flared legs give a long and lean look, which is flattering to most women
  • Look for patch pockets
  • Look for styles that enhance your backside without sagging in the rear, as womens designer jeans are meant to do
  • Slim frames can benefit from side pockets, which create a fuller thigh
  • Look for jeans with a yoke in the back, which can make your backside look fuller
  • Consider a low rise jean with a contoured waistline
  • Tapered legs to the knees but not with exaggerated flare will also work well
  • Strategically placed washes or embellishments in the front and back pocket areas will attract attention to your hips
  • Also lighter washes or fades along the legs and knees add shape to thighs


  • Never use tapered jeans or any that are tight in the knees
  • Avoid standard straight legged jeans
  • Avoid jeans with very small waistbands
  • Avoid pocket-less jeans
  • Avoid big rear pockets
  • Womens designer jeans in darker colors will make your hips appear smaller


  • Longer Tunics
  • Low slung belts help attract eyes to hip area
  • Look for raglan sleeves or any high sleeve cut
  • Never use shoulder pads
  • Avoid very fitted suit jackets and shoulder pads
  • Patch pockets in blouses
  • Avoid strapless, full sleeved or sleeveless tops
  • V-necklines will pull the eye away from your shoulders
  • Darker colors in jackets and tops will minimize shoulders

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