Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jeans for HOURGLASS Body Type

If you aren't sure if this is your body type, visit: Identify Your Body Type to find out. This is part of a series for finding the right jeans for your body type compliments of, which is the source of my information.

Work with your shape. Draw attention to your waist, don’t complain!


  • You have the “ideal” figure, and almost anything goes.
  • Look for a good fit
  • Try those that give a smooth fit at the waistline and hips and aren't bulky in the thighs
  • Look for jeans that run straight from the hips to the knees, with a good flare at the end of the legs
  • Look for a cut with larger hip and smaller waist to avoid an opening in the back
  • If you don't find pants with this fit, be willing to buy a pair that fits around the butt and is loose at the waist. Some tailoring will be needed.
  • Go for stretch denim, it will hug your curves and work with them
  • Most womens designer jeans are designed with this ideal body type in mind, take advantage of that
  • Low rise jeans will help balance your proportions if you are slightly short waisted


  • Don’t conceal your delicate structure in oversized pants
  • Avoid baggy as well as too tight jeans
  • Even though you may still look great in straight cut jeans, it's a shame not to get some more mileage from your natural curves
  • You have no need to embellish your jeans, but if you must, it won't hurt......


  • Go for belts and waistbands, they draw attention to your waist
  • Low slung belts
  • Wrap tops with tie at waist

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