Friday, July 31, 2009

Wear Empire Waist Styles without Looking Pregnant

Empire waist clothes have been in style for a while and I don’t think they are going anywhere anytime soon. It’s very cute and comfortable, but let’s be honest here ladies—even the most fit and slender person can look prego in this style. Because of the elevated placement of the waistline, if the fabric beneath that waistline doesn’t skim the body, you end up looking like you might be expecting.

Here are some tips to avoid the pregnant empire waistline look:

1. Look for styles made of drapey fabric, such as a buttery cotton jersey or silk charmeuse. Loose, flowy fabrics drape better and skim the body in all the right spots without clinging or adding extra weight under the bust.

2. Make sure the tightest part of the top cinches just below your bustline, where your rib cage is the smallest. A too-high waist can make your breasts look squished, and a too-low waist can give the illusion of droopiness in all the wrong places.

3. If you’ve fallen in love with a blousy empire waist top or dress, you can try wearing a belt to reign in the extra fabric.

4. An empire waist usually looks better with darker shades, since they tend to be more slimming.

5. Long sleeves or ¾ sleeves makes an empire waist dress/shirt look more flattering. If there is no fabric on your arms, that means most of the fabric is around your belly which is what gives you the pregnant look. Try layering a thin fitted ¾ sleeve shirt underneath the sleeveless empire waist shirt.

6. Wear form-fitting bottoms to balance the loose fit on top and to show your figure a bit. Either fitted jeans or a pencil skirt are the best.

7. Balance is key when it comes to dresses. A hemline that falls mid-knee to two inches below your knee shows just the right amount of leg, so you avoid looking top heavy or lost in a sea of billowy fabric.

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