Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Most Embarrassing Beauty Secrets Revealed

Here you have it... I have polled my friends for their most embarrassing beauty secrets. They are anonymous this time :)

"If I am feeling bloated I take a hot bath, for like 30- 60 minutes (usually depends on how into my book at the time!). It makes you lose like 1 lb of water weight. It is obviously not any real weight, but definitely helps make you feel less bloated on those yucky days!"

"I literally believe grapefruit is the miracle fruit- it heals all - everyone knows the grapefruit diet - which btw totally works - but my beauty secret is that when I am breaking out I eat grapefruit like crazy and that does the trick! Maybe even up to 2 a day.. as a bonus with all that fiber not only will your skin look great but you might lose weight in the process."

"Before I have a date I slather myself in Bliss FatGirl Slim. I think it works miracles! It makes my tummy feel smoother and smells nice and peperminty."

"I just got a ped egg. What a great invention. I can sit scraping away all the cracks and rough spots on my feet and it collects in a little holder so I don't have to worry about making a mess. When you empty the little egg out it's pretty satisfying to see all the grossness you've just eliminated from your feet. "

"I have two although one may not be that embarrassing:
1) I do pushups and tricep dips in my bedroom immediately before wearing anything sleeveless (dresses, going out shirts, etc.) to make my muscles look more toned. Have been doing that since Brandeis!
2) I mix very dark liquid foundation (just a small drop) with my face moisturizer to make me look tan. This can be done with legs and arms too."

"Taking omega 3 pills makes me feel skinnier, I use good bye cellulite by nivea even though it probably doesn't work, I use sally hansens cream for my mustache, and I think shaving with conditioner makes you legs smoother."

"If you can stand a little pain - I like the epilator at CVS. It's an electric device with a bunch of tweezers to get rid of hair in any unwanted places. It needs to be charged once in a blue moon. There's no mess compared to waxing and it costs only $30 or so. Also you can get rid of hairs that are much shorter (who wants to go weeks without shaving for a wax) and you do it yourself so no need for some woman to be that close to your crotch. Since it's a little painful (you can feel it pulling out your hair)- you may opt to using it strictly for touchups between waxing sessions. I think shaving is so outdated. No one wants to rub up against stubbly legs, underarms or bikinis."

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