Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you getting enough sleep?

We all need our beauty sleep. So how much sleep do we really need?

According to sleep experts you’re getting the right amount when you are able to get up easily, stay alert throughout the day and then go to sleep easily at night. The right amount of sleep can vary from person to person, says psychologist Dr. Joseph De Koninck, president of the Canadian Sleep Society. “It’s a bit like your height or the size of your nose, it’s something that is most likely genetically determined.” Everyone is different – some people feel rested after 4 hours while others may need 10 to feel good.

De Koninck also says that if you need an alarm clock to wake you, you probably aren’t getting your ideal amount of sleep. “You’re interrupting your natural sleep needs. So if you require an alarm clock you should go to bed earlier.” Once you adjust the time you go to bed to suit your sleep requirements you may not need an alarm clock to wake you on weekdays.

Here's a trick to find out how much sleep you require to be fully rested:

On a non-work night, go to bed at your regular time and set your alarm as you would for a normal work day. Wake up, turn your alarm off, and go back to sleep. See how many hours you keep sleeping. That is the amount your should add to your regular sleep routine.

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