Sunday, November 1, 2009

Winter Coats for your Body Type

Just because it's cold, that doesn't give you an excuse to look like a walking marsh mellow. Save your puffy jacket for sledding, and wear something that is figure flattering.

Curvy Figure

If you're curvy and don't want to show it off, wear a peacoat that is double breasted and has lapels that cross. This will give the appearance that you're less curvy than you are because the eyes will stop where the coat stops.

Full Hips

If you're conscious about your full hips, camouflage them with a shawl coat that has a large collar. You can also go for a hooded coat to direct attention to your face rather than your hips. Try to avoid double breasted coats and those that are too straight in shape.


The all-around petite you should go for a simple, single-breasted, chic coat that has a clean cut that emphasizes your slight figure. A straight coat with a belt is also a wonderful option. Another stylish option for you is a short double-breasted princess coat that will add lots of curves because of its full skirt. Be sure to wear your coat fully buttoned, as this will definitely accentuate your figure.


For those of you who are tall, don't be afraid to show off those long legs. Wear knee-length coats with flared cuffs on the sleeves. Keep them simple but stylish. Your height usually means you stand out anyway so feel free to play with colors that make you feel great and confident.

Tummy Conscious

You may have a tummy that you would not want to be the center of attention; wear a coat that has a striking design. This could either be the cut, the use of buttons or the collar. Your aim is to direct observers' eyes to the design and not to your tummy. Stay away from the simple, clean-cut coats. It is, however, very important to choose a coat that is very well made. It may mean that it's more expensive than most, but boy will you look fashionable in it!!

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