Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexy Winter Stockings

Call them what you want... stockings, tights, nylons, whatever. They are the easiest way to make a blah outfit look amazing.

After my post about mini skirts for the winter and how to wear leggings, I figured it was only natural to talk about all the different stockings.

Rules: Keep in mind stockings are different from leggings. You can not wear tunic with stockings, like you can with leggings. Stockings are usually thinner than leggings, more like tights. Stockings are usually worn with mini skirts or dresses.

Care: Stockings are very delicate. You should not throw them in the wash. You should hand wash them after a couple wears. Usually I wash them with a nice smelling shampoo with cold water. Do not use warm water, it sometimes causes the color to fade.

Types: Right now there are all different types of designs. There are leopard, flowered, striped, bright colors, and many more.

How to wear them: Wear them to punch up your outfit. If you are wearing a really simple black dress, a patterned stocking can really make your outfit look fancier. Sweater dresses and mini skirts also look great with patterned stockings. Just make sure your outfit isn't too busy and the pattern clashes with your outfit.

If you don't like tights, or the feeling of nylons: No worries. They make them in thigh high versions.

Are these appropriate for work?: This question is tough. It depends where you work. I once wore some paisley black tights with a knee length turtleneck dress to work. I was scolded by an older female executive who claimed she liked my stockings, but they were " more appropriate for evening wear". It didn't stop me, but be careful. The older people think patterned tights = evening wear.

Where to find them?: You can really find them anywhere. I usually gt mine at Marshalls or TJMAXX, just because you can get them for a steal. Places like Nordstrom usually have the best assortment. However, I recently found this website: that has everything you can imagine. That is where I found all these images.

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