Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bad Hair Days Just Got A Little Better

We all have those days when our hair is not up to par, but we just don’t have the time to get it fixed professionally, can’t retry the dry in the shower, or can’t shampoo the oil that seemed to come out of no where over night. The good news is that there are time friendly ways to get you away with a hair day.  

If your hair is really frizzy: Try using BeadHead’s After Party serum. This is a product that takes away frizz and adds luster to already dry or frizzy hair. Apply to the ends of your hair and make sure to avoid the top of the head unless it is completely necessary. If you need something to help you out on the top-of-the-head frizz department, after you think there is no more After Party left on your hands, rub your hands on the top of your head, there will still be a tiny bit left to calm wild frizz.

If your ends look like hay: Put your bottom 2-3 inches of hair in the sink and soak them with water. Then apply a nickel sized squirt of conditioner to the wet ends. You can let this conditioner soak for 5 minutes and then rinse. Some people prefer to leave the conditioner in the ends without washing it out ever, which is fine, just be careful to make sure that the ends do not look too greasy if the rest of the hair is dry.

If your head is greasy: After you brush out your greasy hair, lightly apply baby powder to the top of the scalp. Make sure to pat off any white that may have gotten its way through your hair to your scalp entirely. Rub the powder into your greasy hair. Use your brush to comb the power through your hair.

If your bangs are untamed or your hair is in your eyes: do a medium sized French braid from where the bangs start all the way down your hair line.

If your curly hair is not curling the right way: Brush the hair and put it in a bun. When wrapping the hair into the bun, keep a section of the hair out. Use this section to disguise the elastic band you used to tie up your hair and bobby pin it when you’re done wrapping. The bun will take care of the crazy curls and the section of hair will look like your bun was on purpose, instead of a makeshift cop out of a bad hair day.

If your blonde roots are growing in: Use your powder foundation liberally on the hair that lines your face. It will actually lighten up the hair to a lighter color for the day.

If your hair went flat: Flip your head upside down and blowdry your scalp. While doing this, rub your fingers back and forth quickly on your scalp to liven roots. After, brush your hair starting two inches away from the scalp.

If your hair is painfully tangled: Put your brush under the faucet and get it wet, then mix a dime of conditioner and water onto the brush and try to brush it again. You can also use detangling spray.

Your hair is puffy: put half of it back into a half ponytail. If the pulled back section looks weird in a ponytail, braid it tightly so it does not look puffy.

If your hair smells: Blow dry it for a minute to try to blow away any bad scents. If that does not work, spray your favorite perfume into the back of the dryer so it sprays out of the dryer into your hair on the other side. Make sure to point the air away from your eyes. You may need two or three sprays.

----by guest author: Cousin Lilly 

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