Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 Beauty Mistakes that Age You

1. Heavy eye makeup on the lower lashes. Thick liner or mascara on your lower lashes draws attention to crows feet and dark circles. Go for a smokey look. See this previous post to learn.

2. Washing your face with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. One of my sisters is a culprit of this. She thinks that prevents acne. It really just dries out your skin. Dry skin = wrinkly skin. If you want prevent acne use a product with salicylic acid; it will prevent acne and exfoliate your skin, while keeping it young. I use a pretty pricey item-- Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, which I get from SkinCareRx.com. It's about $54.00, however it will keep you youthful & acne free for 6 months.

3. Too thick foundation. It covers up your natural complexion. It's what old ladies do. Opt for a mineral makeup or tinted moisturizer. I use bareMinerals you can get the bareMinerals Starter Kit for only $60. It lets your natural colors show through, while still giving you a finished look. Also doesn't clog your pores and cause breakouts.

4. Foundation that is too light. It draws attention to the fine lines. It's always better to go a tad darker than lighter. It gives a glow to your skin. Bronzer can also work wonders, as long as you use it sparingly. If you get the bareMinerals starter kit, it comes with an awesome bronzer.

5. Fake looking blush. Stick to a shade that looks natural. Think about the color your cheeks get after you sprint a mile. NARS Orgasm is an AMAZING blush that looks natural on most skin colors. I highly recommend it.

6. Too thin eyebrows. They make you look like a 1997 adult film actress.

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