Sunday, August 16, 2009

Left your cell charger at home? No problem!

This post has nothing to do with beauty, but something that I thought everyone would appreciate. I was traveling with Brittany and my good friend Victoria this past weekend. Brittany is hopeless about remembering her cell phone charger. Sometimes I think she does it on purpose. This time was extra annoying because Victoria also forgot her cell phone charger. Victoria mentioned that she read somewhere that most hotels usually have a ton of cell phone chargers that have been forgotten by past guests - like a cell phone charger lost and found. So we went to the front desk of our hotel an asked them if they had any extra cell phone chargers. The concierge comes out with a huge bucket of different cell phone chargers! It was amazing. They had chargers for both of their cell phones! In the past when I have traveled somewhere and forgotten my charger, I would either sparingly use my cell phone or just bite the bullet and buy a new one. Take my advice, next time you forget your charger just ask the hotel and save your money for something better.

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