Sunday, August 23, 2009

Foods that help you fall asleep

You can't be beautiful without enough sleep. Nibble on one of these 10 high-carb calmers an hour before bedtime, and you'll be yawning in no time.

1. Half a whole-wheat English muffin or raisin bagel drizzled with honey.

2. Two cups of air-popped popcorn.

3. A small slice of angel food cake topped with berries.

4. A toasted frozen whole-wheat waffle with maple syrup.

5. A half-cup of pretzels.

6. Fresh strawberries dunked in a little fat-free chocolate syrup.

7. A half-cup of pasta topped with marinara sauce.

8. A 4-ounce baked potato topped with salsa.

9. A handful of oyster crackers and a piece of fruit.

10. Canned mandarin oranges sprinkled with crystallized ginger.

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