Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What does your nail pollish color say about you?

Little things that we do everyday tell a lot about who we are, and what we are all about. You might not realize it, but everything from your hairdo, to the clothes you wear, gives others a peak into your personality. Even the color of your nail polish can tell the world what your actually like.

We all change the color of out nail polish from time to time, or to match outfits. However, it's the color we prefer the most is what tells the tale what we are all about. To test the theory yourself, look up your favorite nail polish color on this easy to read chart.

Clear: If you prefer clear nail polish then your actually a very neutral person. Your extremely down to earth, and easy to get along with. In short you play well with others, and are content with yourself most of the time. You don't need the attention of others focused on you all the time.

Pink or Pastel: If your nail color of choice is pastels or shades of pink this means you are a friendly person, who finds beauty in a lot of things. You are slightly idealistic and maybe angelic. It also means that you are somewhat material minded, and perhaps even a little vain at times. Your a very neat, and clean person, who wouldn't have it any other way.

Red: You are bold. Those who choose red nail polish over any other color are very outgoing, and tend to speak their mind. You like parties, and celebrations, and you love to be noticed. Your a little bit of a show off, but hey, if you got it flaunt it.

Gold, Silver, or Chrome: You definitely like the shine. You find yourself attracted to shiny objects, such as gold, and diamonds. Those who like metallic colors, also like the color green, as in money. These people also like lots of jewelry, and usually wear more then one piece daily. Overall the fake stuff will get you though the day, but the real stuff is much better.

Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Purple, and Other Wild Colors: Your preference in funky colors shows that you are very expressive. You like to make a statement, and don't care what others think. You are also drawn to music, and your own style of clothes. You have a very artistic nature, and you are fairly creative. You don't follow trends, you set them.

It's normal to have more than one favorite color. You might be an emotional person and paint your nails in shades that resembles the way you feel at the time.

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