Monday, January 11, 2010

Dressing for your Body Type

Accentuate the parts you want people to see
first. If you’re a pear-shaped body type, wear tighter, fitted tops. Hourglass-shaped bodies have popular curves, so contoured pants and tops will show this off.

Minimize the attention given to the parts you don’t want to emphasize.
If you’re pear-shaped, reduce the visibility of your hips with loose fabrics. Round women should show off their legs with shorter skirts.

Employ optical illusions in your wardrobe.
Don’t wear a light color over a part of your body you’re insecure about. Using horizontal stripes will make you look wider, while vertical stripes, depending on the thickness and width between them, can make you look thinner.

Tailor your clothes to fit
you better. If you don’t have the sewing ability to do this yourself, consult a tailor. This can be much less expensive than buying a whole new wardrobe. For example, diamond-shaped women would do well to let out the bottom hem of a jacket to make sure it doesn’t stretch over your midsection.

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