Sunday, October 4, 2009

Do your panties matter? - Guys' Thoughts

We all spend so much money on lingerie, does it really matter??

I have polled some men on their thoughts on what they prefer:

Sean, 32: "Sometimes being naked just isn't enough. I want to see a little bit more effort"

Mike, 24: "I like panties, the less the better. I really don't like the boy shorts."

Kurt, 32: "Thongs 100%."

Scott, 27: "The underwear that kind of shows the girls butt cheek but not a thong, are those called boy shorts? I like those. But I like thongs better."

Dave, 29: "Of course panties matter. its all about the presentation, just like at a restaurant."

Chris, 27: "Boy shorts are weird. What are you supposed to do with these."

Jack, 28: "I think it's cool when girls match. You feel like you are getting a little show, before the show."

Ken, 31: "I don't care about matching, at that point I don't care."

Devin, 24: "I like them them when they are see through. I think girls that are small chested should go for the see through look if they don't have the cleavage."

James, 29: "Of course they matter. Panties reflect who you are. If you are slob, it shows. Those girls are wearing old, faded, granny panties."

Rob, 31: "No, we don't look at the panties until they are on the floor."

Alex, 27: "All sorts are fine, but they need to be somewhat sexy. Full back is fine as long as they look good. "

Dan, 30: "I would say it definitely matters. Personally I'm a big fan of a girl in a thong but the boy shorts also do justice. If a girl is still wearing the granny panties, it would set off red flags in my mind. Chances are any girl wearing those has never heard of a brazilian wax and I'd be afraid to find out what's hidden inside them. Nobody likes being stuck in a jungle."

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Anonymous said...

Funny that you posted about this today!! I had this conversation with my boy yesterday and apparently it does matter!!

Anonymous said...

What would Ariana wear?

Tom said...

Underwear is most important when the lights are on. When they are off take em off. Men like eye candy.