Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Jeans for your Booty

Have you ever noticed that some jeans just look awesome on your butt? To follow-up on my previous post, finding the right jeans for your body type, here is a quicker guide to find jeans that specifically accentuate your butt the right way.

Best Jeans for a Flat / Little Butt

The problem with jeans and flat butts is that they aren't really compatible together. Denim is a stiff material. When a flat butt is stuffed into denim jeans, the butt looks even flatter because the denim will squish and flatten your butt even more. But a flat butt can still look good in jeans. Find a pair of jeans made from lightweight denim. The best jeans for flat butts will also contain some spandex or other stretchy material to lessen the chances of your butt going flatter.

Try to get jeans with some sort of design on the back pockets to add the illusion of more being there. Any sort of design on the backside of your jeans will make your butt look better. Look for lots of contrast stitching, flap pockets, or other design elements. If you have a flat butt, avoid jeans without pockets or jeans made of heavy denim.

Best Jeans for a Saggy Butt

To help make your butt look more firm and toned, here a few to tips to find the best jeans. Try skinny leg or straight leg jeans if you have a saggy butt. This makes your legs appear longer, so your butt seems higher and firmer. The best jeans for a saggy butt will have pockets. If you can find jeans with pockets that are placed higher than normal or with angled pockets, these are the very best jeans to enhance a saggy butt.

Best Jeans for a Big Butt

Jeans that give a little, such as jeans that have spandex, help make big butts fit better in jeans. The best jeans for a big butt are boot cut jeans. Avoid wearing jeans with widely spaced pockets. The wide apart pockets could make your butt appear too wide.

If you feel that your butt appears too big, the best jeans for your butt will not have heavy decorations or stitching on the back side. Don't wear jeans with flap pockets or button pockets. Try wearing jeans with small, angled pockets.

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