Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 Ways to Wear a Scarf

If your outfit is lacking in style, just throw in a scarf. Scarves add flavor and flair to almost any lacking look. Many people shy away from wearing scarves simply because they do not know how to wear them.

Here's how:

1) The Bandana-like Scarf
  • Fold the scarf in half, corner to corner.
  • Lay the triangle on your chest with the point facing the floor.
  • Wrap the other ends around your neck and tie.

2) The Headband Scarf

  • Put your hair in a temporary ponytail, leaving a few pieces down on the sides of your head to go under the tie.
  • Take a square scarf, hold two opposite corners and roll the ends to form a long skinny hair tie.
  • Place the middle of this tie at the crown of your head (where you would normally place a plastic headband) and tie a tight knot at the back of your neck.
  • Then let your hair out of the ponytail and you are ready to go.

3) The Looped Scarf:
  • To create this looped effect, a long rectangular scarf must be used.
  • Lay the scarf across the back of your neck and let it hang, but leave one side slightly longer than the other.
  • Take the side that is longer and wrap it around your neck, moving it around your head in a counterclockwise motion.

4) The Shoulder Shrug

  • To achieve this look you will need a scarf that is quite wide as well as long, so that it can expand to cover the shoulders.
  • Loosely drape one end across your shoulder and wrap the material clockwise around your shoulders.
  • Remember to keep the shrug loose while you wrap, almost creating a wide boat-neck overthrow.

5) The Neckerchief

  • For a less casual look, try a scarf tied around your neck as a neckerchief.
  • Fold the square scarf diagonally, just as with the bandana.
  • Tightly roll the material to form a long, skinny tie.
  • Tie the scarf around your neck with one simple knot.

6) The Draped Scarf

  • Use a long rectangular scarf.
  • Lay the scarf across the neck with the center at the middle of the back of the neck.
  • This look is perfect for casual outfits, updating simple styles.

7) The Shawl

  • For the shawl, you will need a large scarf, almost comparable to a small blanket.
  • Place the middle of the scarf high on your neck and let it drape around to each shoulder.
  • It should be touching your frame all the way from your neck to just below the elbow on both sides.
  • The excess material should then cascade over your arms to the mid thigh.

8) The Scarf Belt
  • For this look, it is best to dress in basic solid colors and choose a bright bold scarf to act as your belt.
  • Fold an oblong scarf horizontally to the width of your choice, then tie the scarf in a knot or bow at the waist-line.
  • You can place the tie at the center of the waist, but rather slightly to the right or left side and let the ends hang.
  • Try loosening the belt and tying it in a knot just above the hips to elongate the waist.
  • Wearing it with a basic dress really makes a difference.

9) The Purse Tie
  • Tie your scarf to the base of the handle on your purse to add a little something.
  • This look is best, with over-the-shoulder purses.
  • You can carry the same purse all week without looking bland or boring or taking all the time and trouble to jostle all your lipstick, sunglasses, money and mascara from one purse to another. Just change up the scarf tied to your handbag, and you can have a new look each day without all the hassle.

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