Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's in the Details

One of my favorite places to buy clothes is Anthropologie, however sometimes the prices are just outrageous. I noticed most items usually have some very small details that make them so interesting looking. One thing I noticed about their cardigans is that they always have very interesting looking buttons. Those buttons make a difference, not only the way they make the outfit look, but also the price.

Very easily you can remove the buttons from a boring cardigan and add on some cool buttons and it really spruces up your outfit. Start out by removing cool looking buttons from any item of clothing before you throw it away. Save them in a little box for later. Another cool trick is by using a contrasting bright colored string to sew on the button. For example, take a white cardigan and sew on light green buttons, and use hot pink string. It will give your boring white cardigan a fresh summery look.

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Unknown said...

great advice - some incentive to pull out some old cardigans and "spruce" them up...