Saturday, June 13, 2009

Buff your nails at home

Step 1: You will need the following things:

- An emery board

- A nail buffer with at least 3 grades

- Hand and Nail Moisturizer

- Nail Clippers or Nail Scissors

Step 2: Before you start you must wash your hands thoroughly. Never buff your nails after a shower as your nails will be too soft and you could risk damaging your nail if you do buff it.

Step 3: Cut your nail to the length that you desire.

Step 4: Use the emery board to detail the shape of your nail.

FYI: Buffing is the natural alternative to polishing your nails. If you are going to polish them you should not buff them as the polish would not hold as well. The three grades on the buffers are made to carry out different tasks. The course side of the buffer is used to remove any ridges on the nail, The second grade is used to give the nail a met finish and the last and finest grade is used to give it a good shine.

Step 5: Buff the ridges out. Be sure to do it not over do it, 3-4 strokes with the buffer should be more than sufficient. You should not buff the ridge more than once a month. Alternatively you can use ridge fillers which when applied will fill in the ridges and accomplish the same thing.

Step 6: Use the second grade of buffer to give your nails the met shine which is indicative of how well you nail will look when you give it a gleaming shine later.

Step 7: Use the finest grade of buffer to bring out the gleaming shine on your nail. You can use this grade of buffer every week to bring out the shine again.

Step 8: Clean your hands again and remove any filings or dirt that might have accumulated while you were doing the treatment. After washing and drying your hands completely, you should use the hand and nail moisturizer to keep your hand smooth.


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