Sunday, December 6, 2009

Looking good in Metallics

Jewelery: Keep it simple, so as not to cause a distraction. Your metallic piece should be the focal point of your look.

Shoes & Purse: Colored metallic pieces should be paired with neutrals: black, white, beige and browns. However, if you are working with a black sequined look you can add color to bring the look to life.

Makeup: The best look with a metallic outfit is a smokey eye and a natural lip shade with a hint of color.

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Anonymous said...

The December posts are fantastic for the health conscious...the diet secrets are helpful and great advice! By the way, the gym suggestion for a guaranteed 300 cal burn was a real gem too. I tried paying more attention in the 30 minute work-out and think that your advice was the best present to give myself. I felt great after the workout and noticed a little extra loss on the scale! Now that doesn't hurt...Your Truly Super Fan Aunt Cin

Anonymous said...

Marissa Miller would look stunning in a burlap sack. Show some pics of Susan Boyle in metallics to really sell me on this point.